The Major Health Benefits of Exercise Bikes

One of the most popular pieces of gym equipment is the exercise bike, and rightly so! Indoor cycling has long been hailed as the perfect low-impact exercise that can help reduce stress levels and provides the user with an effective cardiovascular workout session. But in reality, the health benefits derived from exercise bikes extend far beyond the realm of cardio. So the next time you decide to hop on your exercise bike, plug in your earphones and pump out a good half-hour’s worth of activity on the machine, think about the points mentioned below. THESE are all the ways in which an exercise bike workout is helping your health and fitness:

Strength Building

Cycling targets most of the muscles in your lower body and with varying resistances offered by an exercise bike, you can take your strength training session to a whole new level of effectiveness. The constant contraction and expansion of muscles while cycling provides isotonic benefits while your core strength is increased and your stamina is given a well-needed boost.

Weight Loss

This should probably have landed on the top of this list, don’t you think? Using an exercise bike helps burn a lot of calories. Experts suggest that a 135 pound user can burn up to 500 calories from just an hour on an indoor bike. But that is not all! The combination of cardio and strength building provides fat burning and muscle mass increase – the double punch that every fitness freak yearns to achieve.

Joint mobility

An exercise bike is one of those rare fitness machines that puts a majority of your joints to work at the same time. Your ankles, knees, hip joints and depending upon how you use your hands, your shoulders, elbows and wrists are all affected by this type of workout. This helps in maintaining joint mobility, thereby improving your range of motion and overall strength.

Lower body shaping

Nothing can help tone your legs, thighs, and hips like cycling can. A simple session on an exercise bike puts your quads, calves, and glutes to work simultaneously. The result is effective targeting of hard-to-shape lower body areas like inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, calves, and buttocks. Those killer legs you wish you had are all possible with regular workouts on an indoor bike.

So what are you waiting for? Get an exercise bike for yourself today and start working those muscles out to fitness heaven!

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Various Types Of Weight Plates Available Online

If you are serious about your strength training and have a specific goal to achieve, maybe it is time to invest some money in getting a set of standard weight plates for your daily workout session. Now it may sound easy, but this purchase is definitely one that will get your head in a tizzy, considering the sheer types of weight plates that are available online. So here is a nifty little guide to help you pick out the right combination in accordance with the type of weight lifting you intend to engage in:

Olympic weight plates

These are available in a standard size that is acceptable across the fitness and weight lifting industry. These plates sport a center hole with a 2 inch diameter and will fit all bars and plate loading equipment that you will find in commercial gyms.

Standard weight plates

These plates are designed for home gym users and do not follow standard dimensions like their Olympic counterparts. Standard weight plates carry a 1-inch diameter center hole and will only fit special bars and equipment that are designed for them to be used in combination with. You cannot expect these to work with regular weight lifting equipment.

Studio weight plates

This variety caters to an even more specific niche. These weight plates are smaller in size, rubber coated, and have a 30mm center hole, special handles and brighter colors. Studio plates are thus, easier to identify and are typically used in group exercise sessions like the Les Mills’ body pump where lifting heavy weights is not a regular feature.

Your choice of weight plates will therefore, depend upon the kind of training you are interested in and how many people will be using the plate for working out. Keep these factors in mind when selecting from the various types of weight plates available online.

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How to Buy Treadmill for Sale Price?

Purchasing a treadmill is reasonably big investment which is why most buyers tend to look for ongoing sales and discount deals. But looking for an inexpensive product doesn’t mean having to compromise on quality. Online shopping can be your savior here, offering high quality branded treadmills at sale prices, thereby helping you save a ton of money while ensuring that the product you get is worth every penny you are spending on it. So here are some tips and tricks that you can explore to spice up your treadmill purchase with a touch of affordability.

Stick to web-based buying

One thing that you must understand and appreciate is the fact that online shopping will always prove to be much cheaper than the regular modes of purchasing. Websites and e-commerce stores do not have the same overheads to bear as a brick and mortar store, and, therefore, they are able to pass on these cost savings to customers in the form of reduced rates. In most scenarios, the regular prices of treadmills online fall somewhat equivalent to or lower than sale prices offered by physical stores.

Keep an eye out for ongoing schemes

Just like any other industry, web based sellers of fitness equipment also announce lucrative schemes and ongoing discounts from time to time so they can woo customers, clear existing inventory, and increase turnover. If your need for a treadmill isn’t immediate, why not wait a few weeks till the next stock clearance sale or festive discount period to make your purchase even sweeter?

Look for freebies and add-ons

Various online sellers also choose to provide their customers with a wide array of add-ons and freebies to beat the competition and win customer loyalty. Free shipping, low cost extended warranties, add-on gifts like Yoga mats, foam rollers, and workout gear – all these can make your purchase package all the more attractive and get your overall cost to fall somewhere near the discounted sale price that you were looking for.

Just follow these three pointers to buy your brand new treadmill at a discounted sale price.

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What Everyone Ought To Know About Assault Air Bike?

If you are a fitness freak and looking forward to getting affordable fitness equipment that will successfully fulfill all the requirements of the fitness regime, then assault air bike is the best bet. It is a sturdily built equipment that is highly reliable and affordably priced to suit the need in an efficient way.

It has a steel frame and effectively complements the various intensities of exercises. It is even preferred by most of the professional gyms and is perfect to complete a home gym. The most attractive part of this equipment is its low-cost maintenance. This machine successfully supports thousands of sessions without any failure.

Instead of other machines that are available at lower prices, why choose the assault air bike? Let us have a brief look:

  • Running and rowing are some of the best forms of exercises and can easily accentuate the activity to the desired level. However, if you have recently encountered an injury, surgery, or prefer cycling over other forms of exercises, nothing can beat the advantages offered by the assault air bike.
  • Do you have a hip or quad flexor strain, rolled ankle, or any other internal injuries but want to exercise to maintain your weight? Grab your hands on the assault air bike that offers the best platform to exercise safely. It distributes the pressure across the body without putting pressure on any particular area. Rather, it elevates the blood circulation in the harmed portions that contribute to faster recovery.
  • During a weight loss training, hitting a plateau is an inevitable stage that can become very demanding to break. If you continue to exercise on this bike, it will help break the stall and accelerate the weight loss process.
  • The aerobic capacity can be easily elevated with this bike by incorporating interval training and without losing muscle and strength mass.
  • You can even set targets for these bikes. Once the initial stage is crossed, you will feel the urge to enhance the level of intensity that will definitely promote the level of activity.
  • It is a perfect body warmer that increases the mobility to hike the flow of blood. It is also suitable for you if you are looking forward to high-intensity workouts.

Get the most affordable and multifunctional fitness equipment that will not only support a balanced workout routine but will also offer a supportive hand to mend the internal injuries.

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Important tips for the effective use of gym equipment at home

A gymnasium is equivalent to a health center that helps create a disease-free body and soul. A perfectly shaped body not only helps you feel comfortable but also keeps all the diseases at bay. However, going to a gym on a regular basis is very challenging for the youth due to the immense workload. The only way of getting the desired physique is by setting a gym at home with minimal equipment that will procure the finest results.

Have you ever considered which home gym equipment will help you achieve the desired outcome? The market is overflowing with numerous machines that have diversified functionalities to successfully establish a gymnasium at home. However, the equipment should be chosen very strategically to get the maximum output from a minimum investment. Check some tips and tricks to grab the best deal to utilize the gym equipment at home to the fullest:

  • Choose the equipment as per your physical capability as well as the intensity required.
  • Understand the functionality of the equipment very well to avoid any kind of injury and manhandling of the machinery.
  • Fitness equipment comes in different sizes and types. Hence, it is mandatory to check the available space and pocket pinch to get the finest one.
  • Cycling, cardio, weight lifting, treadmill, and more types of machinery can be used to embellish your home gym. However, understand your physical condition and consider any injuries to pick the most appropriate equipment. If you are looking forward to doing some light yet effective exercising, then cycling is the best option.
  • Check with a physical instructor about the types of equipment you can use to exercise. This will help you extract the maximum benefits with no injury.
  • Cardiovascular exercises are very effective for weight loss and preventing osteoporosis. Avail those machines which will aid in offering the same.
  • Treadmills can be chosen either with a manual or automatic operation. The selection of the operation is dependent on your joint condition and age to avoid any damage and enhance the pros.
  • The weights should also be chosen wisely as per the requirements rather than spending a whopping amount of money. Opt for resistance bands and hand weights that offer equal benefits without burning a hole in the pocket.

Building a gymnasium at home is a highly alluring idea that will help achieve the results seamlessly. However, consider the a fore mentioned steps to design a perfect setup without having to spend a lot of money.

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Interesting Facts to Know About Weight Plates

Weight plates are an integral accessory to gyms and other weight equipment. The fact that they provide a kind of resistance to the muscles when using them to work out makes them a highly effective equipment to use. There are so many things that people know about Olympic weight plates, and so many they don’t. The come in different weights, colors and sizes, sure…but are there any other catches? Here are interesting facts to know about weight plates.

Fact #1: Accuracy

The Olympic weight plates are manufactured to be highly accurate down to the last decimal. When you look at it, having the weight of one plate slightly off from the value won’t matter much individually – but with a group of plates, it will add up. Olympics competition cannot afford that, which is why accuracy is the main concern in weight plates.

Fact #2: Options in plates

Different types of Olympic weight plates include grip plates which have inbuilt handles, bumper plates that are especially made of solid rubber and designed to take falls and noise resistant plates which are encased in rubber and are also resistant to chips.

Fact #3: Compatibility

You may want to purchase Olympic bar for the simple fact that it will work well the Olympic plates. These bars have revolving ends so that exercises like squats, which create a rotation in grip, do not throw the balance off.

When you go out to purchase weight plates now, you are going to be equipped with a load of good information and interesting facts about them. Shop today.

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Why Do We Need Strength Equipment?

If you consult a professional fitness trainer, they will tell you the importance of strength training. It is a fact that if you train to ingrain strength in the muscles of your body, you will not need to do any other kind of fitness training. Strength training constitutes in repetitive usage of certain muscle groups in the body one by one in order to make the muscles stronger and more capable – and don’t worry, this training is not meant to turn anyone into the Hulk. It just trains your body to be strong enough to avoid pains, aches and other muscular problems that arise due to heavy activity, and much more. Here is a blog explaining why we need strength equipment.

Equipment #1: Dumbbells

These are the most popular strength training equipment available out there. If you are looking to strengthen the muscles in your arms and wrists, dumbbells are a must-have equipment for you. There are different kinds of exercises (for example, bicep curls) that you can do with this equipment to train different muscles in your arms.

Equipment #2: Barbells

Barbells are not only meant for professional weightlifters – they can be a great equipment to help you get your shoulders and spine to gain more strength. You don’t have to go all hulk on them. Start with sets of a comfortable weight, and get the posture right. You can take help of your trainer. Barbells also help to tone the abdomen and strengthen the muscles in the legs. You can perform squats using this equipment. You can also get a squat rack to help you train various muscle groups through one exercise.

Strength training should be taken seriously because it helps you keep a good posture and healthy muscles. Try today!

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