How to Get Elliptical Trainer for Sale Price in South Africa

Elliptical Trainers are ideal workout machines, especially when you are only starting out. They are low-impact machines that are easy on the joints, yet offer enough resistance to challenge both your upper and lower body to encourage optimal calorie burn. Unlike your traditional treadmill, an elliptical has cushioned pedals along with a drive system, which creates a smooth, gliding, circular motion that replicates walking or jogging without the usual stress on the joints as the feet are supported by the pedals at all times. In addition to working the lower body, elliptical trainers simultaneously hit the upper body, which helps increase muscle tone and add to calorie burn. If you think that an elliptical is the perfect entry-level workout machine for you, here are tips on getting the best bang for your buck:

The first consideration you should make once deciding to buy an elliptical trainer is the budget. You should know exactly how much you are willing to spend so as not to overpay for an overly expensive machine with features that you will never use. Familiarize yourself with the different features and tiers of trainers available in the market. Fortunately for you, companies that sell gym equipment make the task easier by providing you with lists of products and the features they offer for easier selection. The basic types of elliptical trainers include basic, standard, home use, and elite, each with their own price range.

Compact ellipticals that are designed for personal use for instance, are ideal for those looking for a basic machine. Basic units may not have the bells and whistles and custom features of other more advanced machines, but they are way cheaper and will give you all you need without forcing you to spend more on features you don’t really need. These machines usually start at around $500, while higher end models sell for $1,500 and above.

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Best Workout Routine For Women in Home

There are gyms everywhere now, but if you don’t have the time to go to them or if gym memberships are ridiculously high, you might want to consider buying your own home gym equipment so you can work out any time you wish. While fitness equipment isn’t really gender-specific, there is still some gym equipment that are more suitable for the average female physique. But before moving on to the top home gym equipment for women, it is first important to know the things that you have to keep in mind when choosing your equipment. You must consider your budget, fitness goals, and you will need to determine whether you want a strengthening, aerobic, sport-specific, or balance workout. It is ideal to go for gym equipment that’s multi-purpose. You should also consider equipment that is less complicated to assemble if you are not mechanically inclined.

You may have encountered certain machineries that claim to flatten your belly or shrink thighs. While their claims are promising, it is best to avoid these types of equipment because spot reduction is really just a myth. When it comes to machines, you might want to stick with the popular ones, such as the treadmill. But if you want something else, you can go for an elliptical machine, stationary bike, or a rowing machine. All of these machines help you get a cardio workout, which is essential to losing weight.

If your fitness goal is to tone up, you will need to use weights. Dumbbells are great for basic moves, but if you want a more explosive strengthening workout, then you should probably use kettle bells. Aside from dumbbells and kettle bells, other tools that you can use to tone your muscles are wrist and ankle weight, exercise balls, and medicine balls.

Your home gym equipment does not have to be expensive to be effective. You just have to find the right types and purchase them from reputable suppliers.

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The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Home Gym

Building a gym at your own home can offer you a lot of benefits. For instance, you will be able to control exactly how your workouts will be. You can choose your own equipment; play the music that you like, and you even decorate your home gym to suite your preferences. There are no membership fees to pay and you can train and workout at any time of the day. Having a home gym is also cost-efficient because you will not have to spend on commutes, and you can practically use your equipment for the rest of your life, as long as you purchase them from reputable gym equipment suppliers.

When building your home gym, there are a number of things that you have to consider, such as your gym’s location. Your gym room can be anything you wish – garage, basement, back yard – but as much as possible, choose a location that has enough ventilation. You may simply leave a window or your door open, but if it’s not possible, you might want to install a ceiling fan or wall fan. It’s also best to protect your floor by buying gym flooring (if you have extra money to spend), or by simply using a layer of plywood and heavy floor covering.

Once you have prepared the location for your home gym, you can then already purchase equipment. You don’t have to buy every piece of equipment there is just to have an effective home gym. As a matter of fact, some of the best home gym equipment are affordable and quite small. For starters, you can purchase foam rollers, jump ropes, and a set of dumbbells with adjustable weight. If you want to buy machineries, go ahead. But make sure to get them from reliable gym equipment suppliers.

Once you’ve set up your gym’s location and bought the essentials that you need for your workouts, the last and most important step is to actually use your gym. Your home gym will only be effective if you work out regularly!

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Five Mini Workouts to Try At Home

With so much going on in our busy lives, there seem to be no time to fit in all our activities—and much less time for squeezing in a workout. Doing short focused routines is a great way to fit in some exercise into your tight schedule. Here are a few mini workouts you can try.

  • Do a quick warm-up. Run in place, do some high knee stretches, butt kicks and jumping jacks. Give each routine about 30 seconds. It does not take much to get your heart pumping. The idea is just to keep you from starting up cold before the actual workout.
  • If you have access to some equipment, put them to good use. Do some lifting and curls with a set of dumbbells on a bench press. Free weight exercise can also be used for some strength training.
  • A treadmill can give you a full body workout. Try to run for about 10 minutes and more if time permits. This is great for those who do not have the luxury of running outdoors. You could also run no matter the weather with an indoor setup.
  • If you have a cardio rowing machine, you can use it for a good lower body workout. Use the rowing machine and repeat as wanted. Be sure to rest for a minute or so between intervals.
  • A stationary bike can also provide good cardio and upper body exercise.Most modern stationary bikes adjust tension as you pedal harder, so the workout intensity depends on you.

The key is to get back to the basics. If you do not have the equipment on hand, you can always go back to the simple exercises such as stretching, pushups, sit-ups, lunges, and squats can be done. With enough repetitions and the proper movements, they can be effective and provide enough of a workout, even on a busy schedule.

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Fitness Technology and Gym Equipments Best Fitted For Home

Putting together a home gym can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be too complicated. And the rewards would also be worth it in terms of convenience. Here are a few things to consider for putting together your very own setup.

A basic setup does not have to include big, fancy machinery especially if you have limited space. Get home gym equipment that are small and compact. First off, you need to figure out and allocate some space in your home. It could be any room in the house or in the garage or attic. The thing to remember is that it should be open, with no obstructions for free movement. There should also be ample headroom, lighting and ventilation. The area would be totally dependent on what equipment you intend to bring in and how much you are willing to invest in your new home gym. Here are a few must haves if you are just starting out:

  • For cardio, it is nice to have at least a basic treadmill. Running is a full body workout and having one available at home lets you run no matter what the weather is. A stationary bike is also a good investment.
  • A good bench press is also ideal. Pick out a nice one with adjustable positions to allow you a variety of exercise positions. Paired with a good set of free weights, you could get a full routine of strength training exercises for this piece of equipment. Home gym equipment manufacturers now produce dumbbells with adjustable weight plates. This is a nice space saver and occupies much less storage that individual weights.
  • Pull up bars can be mounted above doorways keeping it from being an obstruction. They are affordable and compact, making them perfect for home gyms.

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What You Need to Know About Exercise Bikes

Once a popular item in every household, the exercise bike was quickly overshadowed by fancy, high-tech gym equipment. Do you have one at home? It’s time to start dusting it off because bikes are making a comeback. You might even consider upgrading to a newer and better model.Here are somethings you need to know about exercise bikes:

Convenience – Aside from its fun and user-friendly design, a bike also puts minimal pressure on the joints, making it ideal for those with back or joint problems. If you are just starting out, then this is also perfect for you as it uses the same mechanism as an actual bike. Compared to other fancy equipment, it is much easier to learn. Exercise bikes can be used indoors, which makes it immune to outside weather (a problem for runners, outdoor swimmers and cyclists).

Quality – Before you buy your own exercise bikes, you must have a goal in mind-and it must be realistic. The ‘right’ bike depends on what your goals are and how much you can afford. It is not smart to buy a high-end, top of the line exercise bike if your goal is just to lose a few pounds.

Cheap exercise bikes typically make use of friction resistance (aka belts) that requires regular maintenance and replacement in a year or two. More expensive types of bikes have better structure and usually make use of magnetic resistance. For those with a bigger budget but plan on simply exercising and not training, then this is the most reliable type.

High-end exercise bikes have more advanced settings, computers, several resistance levels and are built with strong electro-magnetic resistance. This last type is perfect for commercial gyms and those training to become athletes.

Safety – As a general rule, the heavier the weight of the exercise bike, the more stable it is. If the bike is unstable when you test it out, then it is not safe for use. Double check the product description for maximum weight limits.

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Switch up Your Workouts by Adding Weight Lifting Equipment to Your Home Gym

Weight lifting could be done by most people-including women and children.This is why it’s a good idea to add weight lifting equipment to your home gym for everyone in the family to use.

And no-weight lifting is not just for bulking up. It can also tone the muscles without adding bulk and improve overall health. It has been proven to reduce weight, improve bone density and combat depression. It can also help you with bodily ailments such as back pain, diabetes, and excessive fat.

Studies show that the more muscle mass you have, the less chances of dying too early. The increased strength in muscles, tendons and such can also decrease risk of injury during accidents. Surprisingly, weight lifting also helps those with sleeping problems as it improves quality of sleep.

You can also burn more calories in weight lifting than other sports and workouts. It is also ideal for busy people. Complete workouts can be done under thirty minutes and at home to maximise time and energy. Overall, weightlifting does not only make you healthier but happier as well.

That said, you must take note of a few things before you decide to add weight lifting to your pre-existing workout routine. Even if you already workout regularly and this is not your first foray into exercising, weight lifting can be dangerous when not done properly. You must start slowly and gradually add weights over time. Start with single sets first. Always have a spotter with you as you exercise. This is especially important when it comes to weight lifting, as lifting heavy weights can be fatal when done incorrectly. After weight lifting, take at least two days to rest for the trained muscle groups to recover. Remember that too much of anything is not good for the body, even exercise. Listen to your body when working out. If it feels a little too strained, then it might be time to rest.

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