What You Need to Know About Exercise Bikes

Once a popular item in every household, the exercise bike was quickly overshadowed by fancy, high-tech gym equipment. Do you have one at home? It’s time to start dusting it off because bikes are making a comeback. You might even consider upgrading to a newer and better model.Here are somethings you need to know about exercise bikes:

Convenience – Aside from its fun and user-friendly design, a bike also puts minimal pressure on the joints, making it ideal for those with back or joint problems. If you are just starting out, then this is also perfect for you as it uses the same mechanism as an actual bike. Compared to other fancy equipment, it is much easier to learn. Exercise bikes can be used indoors, which makes it immune to outside weather (a problem for runners, outdoor swimmers and cyclists).

Quality – Before you buy your own exercise bikes, you must have a goal in mind-and it must be realistic. The ‘right’ bike depends on what your goals are and how much you can afford. It is not smart to buy a high-end, top of the line exercise bike if your goal is just to lose a few pounds.

Cheap exercise bikes typically make use of friction resistance (aka belts) that requires regular maintenance and replacement in a year or two. More expensive types of bikes have better structure and usually make use of magnetic resistance. For those with a bigger budget but plan on simply exercising and not training, then this is the most reliable type.

High-end exercise bikes have more advanced settings, computers, several resistance levels and are built with strong electro-magnetic resistance. This last type is perfect for commercial gyms and those training to become athletes.

Safety – As a general rule, the heavier the weight of the exercise bike, the more stable it is. If the bike is unstable when you test it out, then it is not safe for use. Double check the product description for maximum weight limits.

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Switch up Your Workouts by Adding Weight Lifting Equipment to Your Home Gym

Weight lifting could be done by most people-including women and children.This is why it’s a good idea to add weight lifting equipment to your home gym for everyone in the family to use.

And no-weight lifting is not just for bulking up. It can also tone the muscles without adding bulk and improve overall health. It has been proven to reduce weight, improve bone density and combat depression. It can also help you with bodily ailments such as back pain, diabetes, and excessive fat.

Studies show that the more muscle mass you have, the less chances of dying too early. The increased strength in muscles, tendons and such can also decrease risk of injury during accidents. Surprisingly, weight lifting also helps those with sleeping problems as it improves quality of sleep.

You can also burn more calories in weight lifting than other sports and workouts. It is also ideal for busy people. Complete workouts can be done under thirty minutes and at home to maximise time and energy. Overall, weightlifting does not only make you healthier but happier as well.

That said, you must take note of a few things before you decide to add weight lifting to your pre-existing workout routine. Even if you already workout regularly and this is not your first foray into exercising, weight lifting can be dangerous when not done properly. You must start slowly and gradually add weights over time. Start with single sets first. Always have a spotter with you as you exercise. This is especially important when it comes to weight lifting, as lifting heavy weights can be fatal when done incorrectly. After weight lifting, take at least two days to rest for the trained muscle groups to recover. Remember that too much of anything is not good for the body, even exercise. Listen to your body when working out. If it feels a little too strained, then it might be time to rest.

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4 Reasons That Makes Treadmills the Best Option for Workouts

Treadmills are among the bestselling fitness equipment in the world, and it’s easy to see why. They make running and walking much more convenient for people who prefer to work out indoors in the privacy of their homes or in the comforts of a well-appointed gym. There are many advantages to doing treadmill workouts, including the following:

Easy to Use

If you have trouble running on pavement or are worried about walking on uneven terrain, a treadmill can give you a flat and predictable surface that you will surely appreciate. Treadmills are also easy to use. You can even watch your favorite TV shows while doing your treadmill workouts. The pace of treadmill can be set to match your fitness goals. Simply change it up to add variety to your workout.


Treadmill workouts help you stick to your running schedule even when it’s too cold or too hot to run outside. Don’t let the rain stop you from clocking in those miles; after all, you can always use the treadmill.

Progress Tracking

Treadmills are designed to help you track your progress. Most models come built in with digital monitors that show important stats such as distance, heart rate, time, and calories burned. More advanced models can save the stats of multiple users. With a treadmill workout, you can see how exactly much you’ve progressed over time so you can focus on your weight loss goal.

Overall Fitness

Treadmill workouts give you a great cardiovascular workout and can help improve the health of your heart, thereby lowering blood pressure. Regularly running or walking on a treadmill also strengthens the muscles of your legs and can even help improve your balance. To burn more calories on a treadmill, use the incline feature.

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The Best Gymnastic Equipment to Complement Your Workouts

Contrary to popular belief, gymnastic equipment is not just for gymnasts—they are also great for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to work out different muscles that might not be employed by conventional workout gear. Here are two types of gymnastic equipment you might want to consider buying:


These small gymnastics devices come in pairs and are primarily used to simulate parallel bars that you will find in professional gymnasiums. Similar to dip bars or pushup bars, paralettes are lower to the ground and generally longer. They are used by gymnasts as well as anyone who wishes to perform body-weight exercises at home, including L-sits, handstand presses, V-sits, handstand pushups, etc. Using paralettes can help you strengthen your arms and hands as well as your core and legs. You can buy paralettes online from a known supplier of fitness equipment. They are generally affordable.

Gym Rings

Ring training builds upper body strength, agility, and balance while promoting the development of a lean and well defined physique. This is why gym rings are some of the most popular types of gymnastic equipment today. Using them can help you develop a higher size to strength ratio, a stronger core, and superior grip strength. Want to give yourself a challenging workout? All you need are gym rings plus somewhere to hang them and you’re good to go.

If you want to change up your fitness routine, try gym rings. You will need immense physical discipline and strength to be able to properly perform even the most basic of ring exercises. If you find it too easy to perform dips or pull-ups on a fixed station, challenge yourself and try doing those moves using gymnastics rings. They instability, bringing a totally different dimension to your workout. It’s the best gymnastic equipment for those who want to push themselves a little bit further.

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Choosing the Best Cardio Exercise Equipment for Home Gym

If you’re lucky enough to have the space and the funds to create a gym in your very own home, go for it. Investing in the best cardio exercise equipment for your home gym is often more cost effective in the long run compared to paying for a gym membership. It also saves you a lot of time and allows you to sneak in a workout whenever you can. Don’t know which home gym cardio equipment to buy? Here are some ideas.

Elliptical Trainers   

For those who are looking for a low-impact cardio exercise equipment, elliptical trainers are quite popular. They are also great alternatives to treadmills for people with bone and joint conditions. A high quality elliptical trainer can give you a total body workout and help increase your aerobic capacity safely, without putting stress on your joints.

Exercise Bikes, Recumbent Bikes, Spinning Bikes

There are so many types of stationary bikes available for home gyms, and all of them can help you increase your daily calorie burn so you can manage your weight. Some studies show that bikes are great for those who are overweight, as it reduces mechanical stress on the ankles, knees, back, and hips while providing a long list of cardio benefits. If you have back problems, you might benefit from a stationary recumbent bike as is it designed to provide added support for your lower back. If you are familiar with proper posture and usage, you can go for a spinning bike.


Running on a treadmill is easier on your joints that running on pavement. Having a treadmill in your home gym lets you run whenever you want without having to worry about the weather. It’s a great tool for increasing the strength of your heart and lungs, improving your cardio resistance, and general weight loss. There is a wide variety of treadmills available from a leading supplier of home gym equipment.

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Exercise Ball: For Fast and Easy Workouts

The stability ball—also known as the exercise ball or the balance ball—is a simple but extremely useful workout tool that also has a prominent role clinical rehabilitation. It can help you develop core strength and balance, which is why many trainers and coaches as well as physical therapists routinely use them in their programs. Some schools in Europe even use them as chairs to improve the focus, concentration, and even handwriting skills of their students. And if you are looking for fast and easy workouts that you can do at home, buy an exercise ball and download routines online.  You can even use it as an office chair for several minutes a day to get an instant workout while you’re on your computer.

What’s great about the exercise ball is that everybody can use it. It is also inexpensive and easy to order online from a leading supplier of exercise equipment and accessories. The exercise ball employs your neuromuscular system in ways other exercise tools simply can’t. It gives multiple muscle systems a workout while improving neurologically induced muscular responses and sense of balance.

Choosing the right ball size is important for best results. When you sit on the exercise ball, your knees and hips should be at 90 degrees. You must also keep in mind certain precautions when working out using the ball. First of all, always exercise with a shirt on if you want to use the ball together with weights, as your sweaty body may slide off the ball, causing you to get injured. Avoid using of any type of anchor or support for your limbs when training. The whole point, after all, is to put your body in an unstable neuromuscular environment. Always have a spotter if you are using external resistance equipment. Try to maintain the neutral alignment of your spine when exercising.

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Perfect Exercise Bike

The benefits of exercise are highly acknowledged by all and it is easy to achieve goals with the help of various equipment. Exercise bikes are hugely popular equipment for pursuing fitness regardless of age or sex. They are deemed to be a hassle free way to shed those extra pounds.

With the numerous options available, it is easy to get overwhelmed while buying a good exercise bike.  The following aspects will help to choose the perfect exercise bike.

  • Types of exercise bikes

Firstly, one needs to know the types of bikes available in the market and the exact role they perform, to make an informed choice. There are different bikes based on the resistance they use such as magnetic resistance and air resistance. Each of them has its own advantage.

  • Seating position

There are two types of seating positions in bikes- upright and recumbent position. Upright bikes are cost effective, less restrictive, more versatile, and would be the same as riding an outdoor bike. It has to be avoided by people with back pain issues. Whereas recumbent bikes offer comfortable seating, where the person stays reclined, and the back is well supported. The calories burnt are almost equal in both of them.

  • Mandatory features to look for

Some features that are must haves are broader pedals with some sort of strapping. Bikes with various resistance levels, and a built in computer to show basic statistics like speed, heart rate, etc., are an added advantage.

  • Weight of the bike and weight limit

The heavier the bike, the more stable it is. If the bike is wobbly, it is likely to cause injury.  And the cyclist has to make sure that they do not weigh above the weight limit of the bike.

  • Noise

Some bikes produce excessive noise, and it is based on the type of resistance. Magnetic bikes are less noisy. Air bikes emit more noise while pedaling at higher speeds as it blows air.

  • Space concerns

If the person has a limited space to store the exercise bike, a foldable option can be considered as it can be folded away after use.

The above consolidated information can give a general idea on the aspects one needs to assess before investing in a bike. There are exercise bikes for all kind of cyclers- professional cyclists or for regular workouts, therefore everyone can find a bike to suit their needs.

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