Remember These Tips While Selecting Rowing Machine from A Sale

A rowing machine will be one of the best decisions you will take for your fitness, or maybe a complete waste of your money, depending upon what product you end up buying for yourself. The market has many brands and models to offer along with a huge variety of features, each of which will have a different set of benefits for your fitness program. So here is a list of tips that will help you select the best rowing machine from a sale, so that you are sure of getting the most efficient and suitable machine for your fitness program:

Go for the best brands

You may have used a rowing machine in a commercial gym and loved the smooth and effective action. If you are looking to get the same smooth movement for your own workout time and wish to invest in a product that will last you a long time, choose the very best brands of rowing machines. Fluid rowing machines are said to be par excellence in this category of fitness equipment – if you find this one in a sale, don’t let it go!

Look for product warranty

Getting a rowing machine under warranty cover will be your best bet – it will ensure that the product you are getting is of the best quality and that any issues that might arise from using the same can get resolved by contacting the company itself. Look for a warranty cover of at least two years to ensure worry free use of the machine for a reasonable amount of time.

Choose the right type

Rowing machines are divided into three categories on the basis of the resistance system they use. Water based rowers provide a smooth action and excellent resistance but are heavy and will need a considerable amount of maintenance attention. Air rowing machines are smooth but a bit noisy to use. Hydraulic rowers are excellent for home use and are quite light in weight and easy to store. Magnetic rowers offer adjustable resistance and are light in weight and noise efficient. Choose whichever one fits your needs.

Just keep the above pointers in mind when choosing the right rowing machine from a sale.

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5 Brilliant Ways to Use Weight Lifting Equipment

Walking into a gym for the first time can be quite an overwhelming experience. You see racks upon racks of dumbbells, weight plates, barbells, workout machines, big balls, little balls and even half balls for that matter, and you have no idea what any of it is meant for! For most people, their first time using weight lifting equipment can be awkward, uncomfortable and even a bit risky. Don’t worry take a deep breath and read this blog post to learn 5 brilliant ways to use weight lifting equipment. Here you will learn tips that will help you use weight lifting accessories like a pro, to build your strength and fitness in no time:

  • Controlling your breath is an important part of weight lifting movement, irrespective of the machine or accessory that you are using. Remember this – breathe in when you are pushing or pulling something and breathe out when you return back to your original position.
  • The setting of the seat on the weight lifting equipment can vastly affect your comfort levels while performing the exercise as well as the effectiveness of the movement you are performing. Make sure your feet are firmly flat and keep your thighs parallel to the ground, while being seated on a machine. If not, adjust your seat height accordingly.
  • Never stick to a single machine and resistance setting for too long. Different weight lifting equipment target different muscle groups. Try targeting varied parts of your body AND ensure that you progressively increase the resistance levels of your workout for better results.
  • Try to avoid sitting or resting between sets on different weight lifting machines. The ideal way to exercise should be working out one muscle group in your body while another is resting. Sitting idle for more than 60 seconds is a strict no-no when working out in a gym.
  • Be as slow as you can manage while changing positions with weight. Slow movements demand more effort from your body muscles as compared to rapid ones, even when you are carrying the same amount of weight. Try it – you’ll feel the difference.

Just keep these three basic tips in mind when working out on weight lifting equipment. All the best!

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Tips to Buy the Best Exercise Equipment for Sale Price

Buying exercise equipment often becomes a seriously daunting experience when you consider the sheer variety of options that are available in the market today. And the internet doesn’t help a buyer’s plight either, as it opens up an even bigger market to explore and can get equipment from all around the world to their doorstep. One needs to be smart, informed and tech savvy to be able to buy the best quality gym machines and accessories and, that too, at sale prices that make the purchase truly satisfactory and rewarding. This blog post will give you some tips on the matter:

  • Choose to make your purchases online rather than from brick and mortar stores. Web-based retailers do not have the same overheads to bear as a regular shop owner, and they pass on these savings to customers in the form of lucrative discounts and better pricing. Your plans of buying the best exercise equipment for sale prices can easily be managed with online sellers.
  • Ignore tall claims like “no sweat weight loss” or “targeted fat turning for problem areas” as these are virtually impossible to achieve through exercise equipment alone. Be a sensible buyer and learn to look past the ad copy to determine whether or not the seller you have chosen is reliable and the machine you wish to buy is effective enough for achieving your fitness goals.
  • Always compare prices when buying exercise equipment. The internet opens up a huge market for you – sellers who may be located far away from you but who will be able to get you the products you desire at discounted prices. It wouldn’t hurt to do a little market research using the web if it can find you the best possible deals on exercise equipment, right?
  • Always factor on sale terms and conditions, shipping charges, and warranty cover before you decide about making your purchase final. You don’t want to get lured into an ultra-attractive discount scheme only to find that the shipping charges on the bulky gym machine have to be borne by you, getting the eventual cost of purchase back in the expensive category.

Use the above pointers to manage your exercise equipment purchase like a pro!

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What Do You Mean By Weightlifting Belt?

So you walked into your gym as usual and were getting ready for your regular warmups when you noticed something different – a weight trainer wearing a thick belt around his waist. You wonder what it is and how such an accessory can contribute towards making their workout more effective. The belt you are wondering about is known as a weightlifting belt, and it is a popular accessory used by lifters to support their abs and prevent injuries during a workout. Wish to know more? This article is here to answer all your questions:

Weightlifting belts are a staple in most gyms and fitness centers. Usually made of thick leather, these belts are 4-6 inches wide and have a metal buckle that is used to secure it in place. These belts should not be confused with the corset style back belts as they serve a very different purpose and cannot be used interchangeably. The job of a weightlifting belt is to increase intra-abdominal pressure during heavy and strenuous lifting. Added pressure creates a rigid core that is necessary to channelize maximum power towards your muscles in order to get the best lifting performance. The pressure also helps to stabilize the lifter’s spine and keeps it from collapsing under the heavy weight that the athlete is bearing on their body during a lift. The belt also gives your stomach something to push against, thereby increasing abdominal pressure and making the lift safer and more comfortable.

Many athletes believe that intra-abdominal pressure can also be created using the Valsalva maneuver – holding your breath and pushing out using stomach muscles – but the efficacy of a weightlifting belt is much higher and more reliable than this method. It is recommended that this belt should be used when you are lifting over 80 percent max or during unsupported overhead lifts, heavy squatting and deadlifts.

Hope the above information has been able to resolve your queries about weightlifting belts.

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The Correct Way of Working Out On Ab Machines

Great abs are a quick and sure-shot sign of health and fitness. Perhaps that is the reason why most gym goers and fitness junkies are all after sculpting their bodies with washboard abs. But more often than not, people complain that they aren’t able to derive the results promised from an ab machine session. The truth is, they just aren’t doing it right! So here, in the following points, is a description of the correct way of using ab machines. Follow these points to fine tune your workout to get abs that look as though they are carved out of wood:

Focus on the burn

Most people tend to zone out while working their abs or putting in crunches. It is easy to draw your focus away from your body as you use an abs machine – simply listen to the music or watch the morning news as your muscles burn themselves away. But this practice gets you to lose out on establishing a mind-body connection that will eventually help recruit more muscle fibers and improve your workout results. So clear your head off your to-do-list and start feeling the burn in your midsection as you work out on an ab machine.

Breathing is important

Holding your breath while working your ab muscles is a wasted effort. Your core needs oxygen to work at full capacity. Fitness trainers therefore, recommend that when you are using an ab machine, try to inhale during the easiest part of the move and exhale as you exert the most force from your muscles. This will help derive the maximum burn from your core.

Intensity and Variation

Ab machines are designed to provide you a variety of well-rounded workouts of different intensities. So choose to start small and explore your strength initially. As your body gets used to the burn, step on the gas pedal and build up your workout intensity by adding weight and changing moves. This technique helps with strength building, fat burning and providing you with a more complex and effective workout on the ab machine.

Follow these simple tips and tricks to maximize the results from your ab machine workout.

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The Major Health Benefits of Exercise Bikes

One of the most popular pieces of gym equipment is the exercise bike, and rightly so! Indoor cycling has long been hailed as the perfect low-impact exercise that can help reduce stress levels and provides the user with an effective cardiovascular workout session. But in reality, the health benefits derived from exercise bikes extend far beyond the realm of cardio. So the next time you decide to hop on your exercise bike, plug in your earphones and pump out a good half-hour’s worth of activity on the machine, think about the points mentioned below. THESE are all the ways in which an exercise bike workout is helping your health and fitness:

Strength Building

Cycling targets most of the muscles in your lower body and with varying resistances offered by an exercise bike, you can take your strength training session to a whole new level of effectiveness. The constant contraction and expansion of muscles while cycling provides isotonic benefits while your core strength is increased and your stamina is given a well-needed boost.

Weight Loss

This should probably have landed on the top of this list, don’t you think? Using an exercise bike helps burn a lot of calories. Experts suggest that a 135 pound user can burn up to 500 calories from just an hour on an indoor bike. But that is not all! The combination of cardio and strength building provides fat burning and muscle mass increase – the double punch that every fitness freak yearns to achieve.

Joint mobility

An exercise bike is one of those rare fitness machines that puts a majority of your joints to work at the same time. Your ankles, knees, hip joints and depending upon how you use your hands, your shoulders, elbows and wrists are all affected by this type of workout. This helps in maintaining joint mobility, thereby improving your range of motion and overall strength.

Lower body shaping

Nothing can help tone your legs, thighs, and hips like cycling can. A simple session on an exercise bike puts your quads, calves, and glutes to work simultaneously. The result is effective targeting of hard-to-shape lower body areas like inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, calves, and buttocks. Those killer legs you wish you had are all possible with regular workouts on an indoor bike.

So what are you waiting for? Get an exercise bike for yourself today and start working those muscles out to fitness heaven!

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Various Types Of Weight Plates Available Online

If you are serious about your strength training and have a specific goal to achieve, maybe it is time to invest some money in getting a set of standard weight plates for your daily workout session. Now it may sound easy, but this purchase is definitely one that will get your head in a tizzy, considering the sheer types of weight plates that are available online. So here is a nifty little guide to help you pick out the right combination in accordance with the type of weight lifting you intend to engage in:

Olympic weight plates

These are available in a standard size that is acceptable across the fitness and weight lifting industry. These plates sport a center hole with a 2 inch diameter and will fit all bars and plate loading equipment that you will find in commercial gyms.

Standard weight plates

These plates are designed for home gym users and do not follow standard dimensions like their Olympic counterparts. Standard weight plates carry a 1-inch diameter center hole and will only fit special bars and equipment that are designed for them to be used in combination with. You cannot expect these to work with regular weight lifting equipment.

Studio weight plates

This variety caters to an even more specific niche. These weight plates are smaller in size, rubber coated, and have a 30mm center hole, special handles and brighter colors. Studio plates are thus, easier to identify and are typically used in group exercise sessions like the Les Mills’ body pump where lifting heavy weights is not a regular feature.

Your choice of weight plates will therefore, depend upon the kind of training you are interested in and how many people will be using the plate for working out. Keep these factors in mind when selecting from the various types of weight plates available online.

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